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If you would like to receive biblical counseling, please read and complete the Personal Inventory form and the Consent to Counsel form

A Personal Inventory form will need to be completed for each person attending the counseling sessions. Once the forms are received, you will be contacted to discuss timing and scheduling.

All counselors with Three Rivers Church work full-time jobs away from the church, so flexibility in the scheduling process is critical.






Biblical counselors seek and work to utilize their skills and knowledge to apply biblical principles in order to guide others to please God and also grow to overcome or work through their personal problems. Difficult life issues have a way of festering and stealing joy from our lives and threaten the effectiveness of our personal ministry and joy found in Christ. To combat the issues you are facing, the counselors at Three Rivers Church seek to:

  • Give hope and comfort. The Bible alone is sufficient and holds the answers to life’s most challenging issues and crises. The work of the biblical counselor is to come alongside the one in need of counseling to serve as a guide in the navigation of the issue. Your counseling will draw upon the truths found in Scripture to bring answers and clarity. Your counselor will encourage you and help you discover for yourself the life-changing power found in God’s Word.
  • Inspire change and acceptance. The circumstances of our lives are not always able to be changed, no matter how hard we try and want change to happen. For those who have lost a loved one, no amount of desire can bring that person back. But, there is always hope in grief and while the circumstance cannot change, each person controls how they process and handle loss. In some cases, change can occur and it may take great personal strength and adjustment to make a new reality. In all cases, God’s permissive will may place you in a situation where change is not promised or probable. Biblical counseling will help you transform your worldview in a biblical worldview that challenges how you think and will influence the goals you set for yourself. The hope for change in biblical counseling is that the individual in counseling will alter their thoughts, actions, and prayers to those which honor and please God.
  • Promote action. To help in the process of change, assignments are given so that those wanting change are engaged in actions that promote change. To talk and do nothing accomplishes nothing; but, putting into action the lessons and goals that seek to honor God will develop an individual to become a hearer and doer of God’s Word. The assignments given will help in the establishment of a new identity that involves God-honoring thoughts and behaviors.